Summer Recipe: Caprese Appetizer Pops

Caprese appetizer pops recipe

Last night we went to a potluck dinner party at our friends' apartment. I wanted to bring something fun and festive but simple, and ended up deciding on these cute Caprese appetizer pops.

Caprese appetizer pops recipe

I'm a big fan of Caprese salad in the summertime when tomatoes are ripe and good (See my toasted corn Caprese recipe here.), and I'm always a fan of food served on a stick, so I've definitely found a new favorite party food.

The assembly is really simple, so the quality of your Caprese appetizer pops really depends of the quality of the ingredients that you use. That's what I love about summer food; it's all about simple recipes that let fresh ingredients shine. 

Caprese appetizer pops recipe


Small fresh mozzarealla balls

Half as many cherry tomatoes as you half balls of mozzarella

A small basil leaf or piece of a large leaf for every ball of mozzarella

Equal parts balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oils

A good grinding of black pepper

Caprese appetizer pops recipe

Step 01. Drain the mozzarella balls and drench them in the oil and vinegar. I use equal parts because of love vinegar, but you can use more oil and less vinegar if you like. Give this mixture a good grinding of pepper and stir to evenly distribute.

Step 02. Slice each cherry tomato in half.

Step 03. Poke each toothpick first through the mozzarella, then add a basil leaf, and, finally, add a cherry-tomato half, cut side away from the other ingredients.

Step 04. Serve each pop cut-side-down so that they sit on your platter nicely. 

Caprese appetizer pops recipe
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