Color Theory: White

Color Theory: White

It's time for another edition of Color Theory. This time we're examining . . .


If black is the absence of color, then white is all the colors together. I know it's a weird concept to get your head around, but that's exactly white white is: it's nothing but pure, pure light. No wonder white has been associated with purity for so long. Although, contrary to what many believe it's been the traditional color of wedding dresses for less than 200 years, since Queen Victoria was married in white and sparked the longest, most enduring wedding trend in history (take that, monochrome place settings!) 

White is, of course, a key summer color. But, I think anyone who refuses to wear white after Labor Day misses the opportunity to wear some snowy white ensembles that look stunning in wintertime too.

Solid white is an obvious choice, but, white juxtaposed by black or navy in patterns like stripespolka dots, and chevron, absolutely comes to life. 

What are the key white pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe? The most important are white jeans and a classic white tee. After that, a good white button-down shirt is a good investment (or you can borrow one from you man's closet for a chic, androgynous look). Finally, you've heard of a little black dress, I imagine. Well, a little white dress is a great piece to take you from garden parties and barbecues to picnics and date nights. It'll be you go-to from Memorial Day, through Labor Day . . . and beyond. 

Here are some ways I've worn white lately. As always, each image will link you to the full outfit post. Here's your soundtrack . . . 

Good Guys (Don't Wear White) by Minor Threat on Grooveshark

Pop of red outfit: Levi's Made and Crafted white skinny jeans, buckle shoes, Missoni for Target black and white chevron t-shirt, heather gray blazer
Missoni for Target chevron tee, neon embroidered skirt, black lace ballet flats, gold purse, Prada baroque sunglasses
Men's shirt outfit: Ryan's shirt, vintage shirt, Prada baroque sunglasses, jeweled-leopard sandals, claw bangle
Polkadot peplum outfit: polkadot peplum top, Levi's Made and Crafted white jeans, Miss Trish for Target pearl and coral sandals, knotted pearls
Daytime sequins outfit: wool sequined pencil skirt from Anthropologie, silver flats, boyfriend's t-shirt, brass and glass J. Crew necklace
Double dots outfit: polkadot skirt from J. Crew Factory, polkadot top from H&M, thrifted belt, thrifted espadrilles, Anne Boleyn necklace made by me
Peacy mint outfit: Peach Gap khakis, striped Gap tank, mint green J. Crew cardigan, pearl and coral sandals
Babyshower outfit: thrifted
Nautical turban outfit: leather boots, straight-leg Gap jeans, striped Converse tunic, braided leather belt, Kelly bag, silk scarf worn as turbin
Outfit - Espadrilles, eyelet
Basics outfit: Gap straight-leg jeans, Target pointy heels, Zevs Chanel t-shirt, lots of bracelets and rings
Northside outfit: pea green Urban Outfitters dress with lace collar, cardigan, leather belt, leather boots
French navy outfit
Outfit - rosette halter top, white jeans
Outfit - Urban outfitters
Outfit - white dress, striped scarf (with American flag fruit kabobs)
Rain outfit - wellies, jeans, sweater, umbrella

Say Anything Costumes!

Diane Court from Say Anything Halloween costume
Diane Court from Say Anything Halloween costume
DIY skirt from men's shirt sleeves
Outfit - Vintage pink polkadot dress
Outfit - Tucker for Target ruffled back dress, vintage gold clutch, Downton Abbey hair, pearls, vintage coat