What I wore today 09/06/2011 (storage treasures)


Underbelly, my comedy group, is performing tonight, and I'm playing Lady Gaga in a sketch, so I was going through my costume trunk to find some old dance costumes, etc. that might work. I decided on a teal tie-dyed stretch velveteen body suit, lime green lace opera-length gloves, a pink feather wig, and one of those eery blank white face masks.

But, while I was going through the costume trunk I also found this old sequin blazer from when my dance team did a number to Michael Jackson's "Bad" when I was 14. Love it. I also found this old t-shirt from the Bush years in my closet. So today my outfit is all about reworking retro pieces from high school.


Sequin blazer - old dance costume
Not-my-president Bush protest t-shirt - somewhere online back in '04 or so
Straight-let jeans - Gap
Quilted flats - Modcloth
Vintage Chanel bag - Ebay

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