What I wore today 08/15/2011 (Pinstripes) and my summer playlist


I made this skirt from the shirt sleeves of a men's shirt I got at the thrift store. I have a couple more like it, including those seen here, here, and here. It's really easy. You basically just cut off the sleeves of two men's shirts. Cut them up the side, sew them all together and sew a hem. The cuff bottoms become the skirt's fasteners.


Sleeveless eyelet button-up - thrifted from a Goodwill in Austin
DIY skirt - made from the sleeves of two thrifted mens shirts
Pink leather belt - Anthropologie
Pinstripe canvas lace-ups - Big Buddha, some department store in Louisville (bought on this fun outing)

* * *

I am always compiling playlists of songs that I find myself listening to a lot during a certain timeframe. Here's the one for this summer so far...

Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 3.54.18 PM

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